Ben Hawksworth

PT, Physique & Strength Coach

I started my journey in health and fitness by playing rugby league at scholarship and academy level, but that’s when I found myself been more interested in the high performance training and nutrition side of the sport rather than playing alone. When I started my sport and exercise science degree, that’s when I fell in love with the industry, particular the science underlying nutrition and training to create an elite athlete.

It wasn’t long before I started a personal training business, which is when I found another passion…public health. Endless FAD diets, unrealistic training schemes and contracting information causing metabolic damage and negative behaviours towards physical activity is what motivated me to help educate more people. I believe that a combination of education and motivation is the key to achieving and sustaining results. Without the correct science you are not going to achieve your ideal physique, but you have to have a willingness to change to begin with. Since then I’ve worked with 100s of different clients ranging from weight loss, weight gain, muscle mass gain, physique shoots/ competition prep and elite level athletes.

My own focus of training has been based around body building, having competed for the first time in 2015 placing 3rd in the UK Ultimate Physique Junior Category & Men’s Muscle Model. I’m currently in preparation for the May 2017 WBFF where I hope to make my mark at 22 years old.

Education: BCS Sport & Exercise Science – Sheffield Hallam University

Certifications: Level 2 Gym Instructor, Level 3 Personal Training. Studying for: ISSN (International Sports Nutrition Accreditation) & UKSCA (UK Strength & Conditioning Accreditation)

Focus: One to One & Online Physique Coaching, One to One & Online Performance Coaching, Strength & Conditioning / Hypertrophy / Fat Loss.

Contact Info: Email:

Phone: 07472534503