About RAW
RAW is a 4 stage group training program like you have never seen designed for all fitness levels but with one sole purpose. 
Amazing results
With the Raw pack you will receive the week before the first session you will be given a simple to use calorie calculator along with a video link on how to use. You will also receive the RAW strategic eating plan, so you can plan ahead and pick meals you will enjoy and keep you within your set target calories and protein.  
On the first session you will be given a Raw weight/ measurement and Attendance Tracker with instructions on how to use, this is to keep you on track with your goals. We ask that you take “Before” pictures to stick into the booklet this will keep you motivated and also provides you with something to look back on when you have completed the RAW Bootcamp!
Week 1/Stage 1 – Circuits.
Breaking you in “softly” Simple circuit week. Break down any technical difficulties clients have. 
Week 2/Stage 2 – The Countdown. 
A progression of the previous week, with a structured repetition scheme to make sure you’re pushing yourself as hard as possible.

Week 3/Stage 3 – AMRAP week. 
A circuit built up of 3/4 sub circuits but instead of work rest periods you perform “As Many Rounds As Possible” in a given time frame. 
Week 4/Stage 4 – R.A.W week..!!! You’ll find out…! 
We guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.
The cost is £100
Please feel free to pop into the gym to have a look round or try one of our free HIIT classes before.
Class times are Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday 9:00am
If your up for the challenge hit the link below and reserve your space today

Hurry! Only 14 spots available each month

Dedicated to Results!

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