This is a 4 stage group training program like you have never seen designed for all fitness levels but with one sole purpose. 
Amazing results. 
First session/Pre-Test – Fitness test and measurements.
At the start of the program each client goes through a simple baseline fitness test. The aim of this is to give you a starting base. 
Not only for physical change but for your fitness and health related goals to. We will also take a “before” photo.
Week 1/Stage 1 – Circuits.
Breaking you in “softly” Simple circuit week. Break down any technical difficulties clients have. 
Week 2/Stage 2 – The Countdown. 
A progression of the previous week, with a structured repetition scheme to make sure you’re pushing yourself as hard as possible.

Week 3/Stage 3 – AMRAP week. 
A circuit built up of 3/4 sub circuits but instead of work rest periods you perform “As Many Rounds As Possible” in a given time frame. 
Week 4/Stage 4 – R.A.W week..!!! You’ll find out…! 
Final day – Retest. 
We repeat the initial fitness test to find out what you have achieved after all the hard work. 
“After” photos are taken.
We guarantee you’ll not be disappointed.
The cost is £80.
Please feel free to pop into the gym to have a look round or try one of our free HIIT classes before.
Let me know if you would like a space reserving.
Class times are Monday and Wednesday at 7pm and Saturday 9:30am

Dedicated to Results!

Community Activation Limited manage this facility on behalf of S20 Physique