12hr, 18hr, even 24hour fasting has been used in many dieting strategies…the first two mainly for fat loss and conditioning and the last mainly for gut inflammation. My favourite while dieting is a 12 hour fast.

During dieting phases for a shoot or even a competition there comes a point where sharing 3000 kcals between 7 meals makes each one of them look microscopic. You eat one and you literally are licking the plate clean and dying for your next feed!
Your dissatisfaction from each meal leads you to feeling constantly hungry and eventually you’re going to snap.

My way of dealing with this was to fast for 12 hours every night. Most of my fast was during sleeping 7-8 hours and then 4 hours once I woke in the morning, so it worked out I was doing a 10pm until 10am fast.

Upon waking I would have a glass of cold water and 10-15g of amino (SciTech amino magic was my preferred drink), I would do my cardio whether it was HIIT or LISS on a black coffee, then shower, make a few calls/do a few emails and before I knew it, the 9:55am alarm was going off and I was tucking into a bowl of porridge or whatever was planned for that day.

Sure it took a bit of getting used to, but before long it was routine and once I found my feet with it I loved it. Why?

If I ate at 10am I could normally push my next meal to 1pm with ease. I would have a good size snack for lunch, then wait until 5pm to have a small meal. I then trained again at 6pm so by 8pm, after training, showering and driving home etc. I was ready for a big evening meal! I then would normally have some calories left over for some kind of healthy dessert or in most cases oats and protein before bed.

So instead of having 7 small meals a day, I was having:

  • A large breakfast 600kcal
  • A snack 400kcal
  • A small meal before training 300kcal
  • A large meal after training 1000kcal
  • Then 600kcal to make up my macros with whatever I chose

As you can see most of my calories were late at night (NO THIS DOES NOT EFFECT FAT LOSS!!!). What it did allow me to do was stay very consistent with my diet. My hunger peaks were later on at night so I figured if I was allowing myself to have bigger meals to look forward to, and also something that satisfied me, then it would be much easier for me to stick to a deficit diet.

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